Life was one big party.

Then the music stopped. The lights switched off. The party was over.

While adults across the world have mourned, then slowly adjusted their way of life, kids have also mourned the loss of their world. They have missed their friends, school and sport – and many have missed throwing the birthday party they dreamed of.

Our everyday life has changed and things that were normal mere months ago, now seem like a distant memory.

Thankfully, many of our everyday activities are slowly starting to return, and small parties now allowed in the home. However, it still makes sense to take reasonable precautions to keep your children, and their friends, safe when attending a group gathering.

If you are planning a party for your child’s birthday, here are our tips for a COVID-safe (and stress-free) event.

COVID-19 party tips

  • Firstly, abide by your state’s guidelines for gatherings. Currently (as at 10 June) 5 visitors are allowed in your home in NSW and 20 in QLD. These numbers are in addition to your household, meaning your child can invite 5 friends (in NSW).
  • It goes without saying, do not hold a party if anyone in your household is unwell. And ask your guests not to attend if anyone in their household is unwell. This may be disappointing for the children; consider making a special effort to see the missing child another time, or ask them to drive past your house to see your child.
  • Ditch the shared bowls of chips and communal platters of fairy bread. Instead, provide each child with an individual plate or bowl to use throughout the party.
  • Blowing out birthday candles surrounded by your best friends is an iconic birthday event, however it is still unwise at this time. Either have individual cupcakes with candles, or cut the cake first, and put candles in the birthday child’s slice.
  • Label all plates and cups with the guests’ names so they can keep track of their items during the party.
  • Do not share any plates, cups, cutlery, drink bottles etc.
  • Try to play games that are non-contact, and preferably outside. An outdoor cinema, crafts (with individual items), TV night, statues and treasure hunts are all good ideas.
  • Ensure everyone washes their hands regularly, and have hand sanitiser available.
  • Practice social distancing as much as possible.

How we are staying COVID-safe

We are doing our bit by ensuring all sleepover items, including storage buckets, are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between parties. We use a commercial-grade sanitiser from a local distillery on any items that cannot be machine-washed.

We wear gloves when setting up and packing down your party, and take cashless payment only.

If you would prefer us not to enter your home at all, we offer a contactless delivery service, where all sleepover items are delivered to your door, wrapped and sanitised, for you to set up yourself.

A few simple precautions mean your children can now have their cake and eat it too – even during COVID-19!