Booking Terms

Booking Terms

Please click the relevant section for the full booking terms and conditions. 

Please ask us to clarify if you have any questions, or would like a copy of the terms emailed to you. 


What is included?

Our standard package for indoor teepee includes sleepover gear for five children. Extra tents can be booked for an extra charge. See our themes page for details of inclusions for each theme. Standard inclusions are: 

– 5 tents 
– 5 mattresses. Foam or air can be requested and will be subject to availability. 
– breakfast tables 
– blanket or sleeping bag 
– throw blankets
– variety of themed decorative cushions
– variety of decorative lights, lanterns, bunting, greenery
– lightbox with custom message 

Also included is delivery within the standard zone, setup and pack down the following day, unless you select the DIY option. 

Please note pillows are not supplied for hygiene purposes and guests should be asked to bring their own pillow.

Please see Bell Tent Hire page for inclusions. 

What themes are available?

Please visit our themes page for full details of the themes available. We are always working on new themes and more will be added soon. Currently we offer: 

– Camo Campout 
– Unicorn Magic
– Hogwarts School Camp 
– Sweet Tooth 
– Lost World
– Black and White Glam
– Block party (Lego)
– Boho Bliss 

Bell tents are generally decorated in a neutral black/white/grey or a boho florally theme. 

Can I request a custom theme?

Yes. Please contact us and we will see what we can do. There may be an extra charge if new items need to be purchased or made, but we will discuss that with you. 

How much space is required?

Ideally, each tent needs approximately 1.2 metres of width and 2 metres of length. This allows for a walkway between tents. We can arrange in different layouts to suit different rooms – in a circle, in a semi-circle or a straight line for example.

The below diagram shows the ideal space for the different layouts. If space allows, we will place the tray table in front of the mattress.

Slumber party layoutBell tents need up to 7 metres of space per tent. See the bell tent page for further information. 


Where do you deliver to?

The below map shows our current delivery area. Delivery is included in the price for all suburbs within the ‘standard delivery area’. Suburbs within the ‘extended delivery area’ will incur an extra fee. 




How are the hire items cleaned?

The tents and all linen are washed in a mild detergent after each use. 

All other decorative items are spot cleaned and sterilised. We use a commercial-grade sanitiser from a local distillery for any items that can’t be machine washed.  

All items are stored in a smoke-free, secure and covered environment.  

Can we set the tents up outside?

The indoor teepee tents are for inside use only and we do not allow them to be exposed to the elements. 

However we can now offer our bell tents for outdoor parties – a large canvas bell tent designed for having fun outside. 

How long can I hire the tents?

The standard hire period for indoor teepees is 1 night. If you wish to hire the tents for more than 1 night, please contact us to arrange. The minimum hire for bell tents is 2 nights.

Do you have themed party invitations?

Sorry no. 

Do you have any extras to include?

Yes! Our Backyard Cinema is very popular, as are our low boho-style tables. We can also assist  Laser Tag guns, disco ball, boho-style table, and craft kits. Send us your request and we will do our best to assist.